dhelfa is not in the cutting back business, it's in the long term growth business!

It's true, cutting costs is often necessary. This is not our focus though. We are interested in finding avenues of long term growth for you and your stakeholders rather than making you smaller!


Great innovations often begin with a slightly crazy feeling!

Talented musicians have a sixth sense for what 'feels right'. Certain chords or musical phrases produce goosebumps while others not. We can bring some of this feeling to your organisation to help you discover the next big opportunity!

  • We are not efficiency experts, we are here to help you grow rather than cut back.
  • Stagnation is all too common in business. As idea catalysts and generators we can step in, shake things up and get the creative juices flowing again.
  • A common problem in businesses today is not taking enough risk. All too often managers and employees are too afraid of taking risks and losing their jobs. This can lead to mediocrity. We are not employees and really not afraid of losing our jobs so we go all out to help shake things up and bring fresh ideas and innovation to your business. If you don't like what we do, show us the door!
  • An unbiased and independent analysis of your organisation and market sector. What opportunities are you potentially missing out on?
  • Picking up on problem areas that don't feel right or "off" to us. Areas you can look into to see if our hunch is right.
  • We can challenge your product, marketing, R&D or innovation teams to generate fresh ideas and thinking that can hopefully lead to breakthroughs.
  • We can look into 'problem areas', let us know what you are finding challenging and we will investigate and present ideas and routes for you to consider and explore.

It takes more than luck and hard work to get to and stay at the top. A commitment to R&D and innovation is essential

Look at the most successful businesses in the world and there's a very strong probability that they have been investing heavily in R&D and innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve!


No time for internal politics or unproductive meetings!

We typically report directly to business owners or the board and prefer not to get distracted by the internal politics of a business. We do our best work when we are free to roam the corridors, observe, absorb and see the matrix!


We are able to hit the ground running fast!

One of the advantages of a highly varied career centred around innovation and living and working in various countries and cultures is the ability to adapt fast. This skill and mindset allows us to enter virtually any industry from scratch and get up to speed fast.


Our unique creative experiences give us an edge

From acting on film sets, to working with professional artists in a recording studio, DJing to a live audience, or launching a business in a new country, we've done a lot and these experiences give us a unique perspective that can help us discover fresh opportunities for you.

Catalyst: "an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action".

Change, adapt or die! Those that aren't innovating and spotting the next opportunity are less likely to be around 20 years from now. Do you remember Blockbusters? We do and know all too well what can happen when complacency sets in!

Without making significant changes you cannot expect significant results!

We are not here to help you make incremental changes. We're here to help you identify game changing opportunities that could redefine your business for the future.

People and organisations that continually reinvent themselves tend to stick around!

Global pop stars like Madonna, Elton John or Sting rode the wave as the pop world changed around them. They didn't stand still. Instead, they adapted and created a shift in the cultural status quo. Successful organisations do that too!

Are you ready to bring some fresh energy, innovation and inspiration to your organisation? Let's begin with a chat...

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